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Every day in schools across the country,

teachers and children are in the act of imagining

themselves into the future.

But what kind of future should we prepare for?

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Reggio Emilia Approach

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Hundred Languages

We believe that children have ‘a hundred languages’ in which they express themselves and make meaning of the world. Construction, fantasy, art, music, dance, writing, talking, singing and science – all are ways of finding out more about ourselves and the world around us. In our classrooms, these ‘languages’ are used to help children create, construct, question and understand the world around them.

School Without Walls


For us learning involves hands-on investigation and exploration. We visit local galleries and theatre productions, attend practices of the UJ orchestra, walk through Melville. We get involved in events in our neighbourhood and become visible members of our community.

Triple Alliance  


Children, parents and teachers work together to create a culture where childhood is respected and our time together is shaped by joy, shared exploration and creativity. We’re all in a process of becoming better citizens of the world. We share our resources and responsibilities.

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A Quick Glance


    59 Ditton Ave

    Auckland Park

    Johannesburg, 2092


    Tel: 011 726 8701

    Cell: 076 731 1547

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